Best Ford SUVs in 2016

Are you looking to forward to buy a new SUV this year? In that case, Ford has some very noteworthy, upgraded and brand new models to offer. Considering that you’re pockets are fairly deep, these cars should be a satisfactory deal for anybody, here are the Best Ford SUVs in 2016:

Ford Edge

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Although already in its second generation, this will be the first to be officially marketed in the European market. The Ford Kuga, with higher quality materials and premium equipment model; comes with LED headlamps, heated and ventilated seats, hands free electric gate opening, parking assistant, active cruise control and automatic emergency braking in town among other things. There are two engine variants – the 2.0 TDCI 180 hp with six – speed manual gearbox and 2.0 TDCI 210 hp with automatic dual – clutch Power shift.

Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition offers a peaceful ride, and roomy seats in all its variants, with an instinctive arrangement in both its interiors and exteriors. It has a 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo and six-speed programmed transmission. The Expedition, offers sufficient legroom to up to eight grown-up travelers in every one of the three models. True to its name, it is an exemplary SUV for huge families who travel a lot and like long treks and Ford makes sure to stuff in all the necessary features to make it worthy of such a drive.

Ford Flex

The new 2016 Ford Flex hopes to proceed with its strength in the SUV section for the new model year by furnishing you with the three-lines of traveller seating and one of the biggest freight regions of any hybrid SUV in the car business. New for the 2016 model is a standard rear-view camera, a dark out appearance bundle and a fundamentally overhauled infotainment framework. Try not to give the square shaped look of the 2016 Ford A chance to flex trick you, it offers some mind blowing execution because of Ford motor alternatives that are accessible in this new family cruiser.