Foreign Cars That Are Made in America

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration admits that there is no 100% American car. Most Vehicles used in US are made using parts from other automakers overseas. Some foreign companies have also predominantly built American made vehicles in the US. Today, even most pick-up trucks, and sedans aren’t produced by US automakers.

Even though the Mitsubishi has lost its popularity among Americans, Japanese, Korean, and German automakers all produce cars in the US. Americans still ride in many foreign cars made in America.

The US produced Chevrolet Captiva has its motor made in Mexico and assembled there. Volkswagen Passat produced at the Chattanooga plant is a midsized vehicle loved by American families. The plant opened in the US in 2011 and has built more than 100,000 vehicles each year since 2011.

Toyota Tundra is assembled at San Antonio, Texas. This American made car from foreign automaker Toyota 75 % of its parts made in US. The body and interior components are from Toyota overseas headquarters. However, the San Antonio plant gave this Japanese car a Texas upgrade including a larger framework, redesigned interior, and tailgate and tail lights.

Photo source: Pinterest

The Ford F-150 had its diesel engine made in Canada; the Fiat Chrysler Ram series has many of its parts mad in Mexico with assembly locations both in the US and Mexico.

Nissan has two plants in the U.s one in Smyrna and the other in Canton. Nissan has made a big investment in in the US market .It has received 8.6 % share of US auto sales. Nissan plants in US build the vehicles with 50% US made parts and the vehicles have a distinctive American appeal to them.

Other American made foreign cars include the Honda Cross tour, Pilot, CR-V, Toyota Sienna, Toyota Camry , Honda Odyssey. All car makers are global companies and they invest in multiple nations. They build cars in North America and any other country and they pay taxes from where they operate.