Safest Cars for Teenage Drivers

When your kids turn teenagers, the first thing they demand is their own car and entrusting car keys to their hand are a life changing feeling. A teen driver is always full of life and wants to enjoy the new freedom. At that point of time they won’t worry about anything and start driving in full speed. This process resulted in some fatal accidents and in US the deadly mishap ratio among teen drivers is thrice the number for other drivers.

That is why many parents are now under paranoia about this problem. So when it comes to select a car for your teenage kid, safety measures should be the key concern. We have brought some cool tips and 3 Safest Cars for Teenage Drivers to heal the worry of all parents’.

Top features a safe car should have:

A safe car would never be high in horsepower as powerful car engines can allure teenagers to test the speed.

Teens hate big SUVs but if you want to see your kid safe while driving then always opt for the bigger card to stay protected from crashes.

Top 3 safest cars for your teenager:

Here we gave full details on the safest cars of the year. They are affordable and suit perfectly for the first time drivers.

Volvo S80

This car model is seven years old but still on the top as the safest cars for first time drivers. All the reviewers said positive feedbacks about its comfortable features and safety reputations. The interior area is spacious which will definitely be liked by your kid. This model is controlled by 6 cylinder engine with 16 MPG power and can reach up to 25 in highway driving.

2. The Chevrolet Sonic

Photo source: Pinterest

This car drives like a bigger one but the inside area is filled with modern technology to win your teen’s heart. It got the top crash checking score and is available with free voice calling and texting option. The price is also very affordable for all.

3. Honda Accord

This car was launched in 2009 but is considered as the safest one in the market. The reliability factor is solid but has swank space in the inside area.