Things You Didn’t Know About Cars

Nowadays, many people spend many hours of the week in cars driving to and from work, to school, to the store, and many other activities. However, no one ever really stops to think just how much they know about their cars. Here are some surprising car facts which we think you should know:

Photo source: Pinterest

1. The fuel gauge lets you know which side the gas tank is on. If you are driving a rental car or another new-to-you vehicle, you might not know exactly which side you need to fill up on. In the newer models, car manufacturers have started including a secret triangle to display just that. So, the next time you get in your car, look at the vehicle’s fuel indicator for a small arrow that’s beside your gas pump icon; this is a simple way of showing drivers exactly which side they need to pull up to at the gas station.

2. 1 If you drive or own a car which has a diesel engine, it is possible to actually drive it without having to buy any diesel. Well, with the addition of an extra conversion kit, one can actually run a diesel vehicle on vegetable oil like used cooking oil which has been discarded by fast food restaurants. Since you will be basically burning trash, the fuel bill will be reduced to nearly zero. In addition, you will be eliminating waste whilst running on totally renewable, 100% bio based fuel.

3. By formal definition, horsepower is the power that’s required to lift 33 000 pounds by 1 foot in 1 minute. Well, a real horse actually musters roughly about 0.7 horsepower. 1 horse doesn’t have 1 horsepower. The number of hp (horsepower) which comes advertised with the car represents the basic unit of the car’s mechanical power which can be assessed in numerous ways.

4. Today, many high end cars are already partly autonomous. Some have; brakes which activate if the sensors happen to indicate an impending car crash, steering which prevents drifting, unique sonar systems which navigate into tight parking spaces, cruise control which prevents following up the next vehicle too closely, and many other amazing features.