Two Things You Didn’t Know About Car Insurance

As human beings, we tend to make errors every now and then. Sometimes we become too preoccupied by stuff that we forget to pay attention to some details. If you are buying car insurance, for instance, all you think about is how handy it will be in case of an accident but is that all your insurance can do for you? You don’t have to wait until you are in trouble with your car to know how your car insurance can save the day. Here are things you didn’t know about car insurance.

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Your car insurance only covers your car

What this means is that whatever happens to items in the car,during an accident,they are not covered by your car insurance company. Let’s say it was an accident and your expensive phone or laptop got damaged; your car insurance will only be liable for the damages done to your car and not your phone or laptop. However, you can always have such items insured so you can be compensated for the damages in such cases.

Diminished value claim may fall on your hands

Let’s say you want to sell your car which was involved in an accident a long time ago but you did not bother involving your car insurance company. Instead, you decided to repair it and it got back to its original shape. You will be required to give a history report to the buyer showing whether the car has ever been involved in an accident. While this is good for the one buying it from you, this report might work against you as the selling value will definitely go down no matter how new it look. This is because people do not like buying cars that have previously been into an accident.

There are many more things you didn’t know about car insurance that you can only find out if you took the time to read through your car insurance policy well. Doing so may save you from future misfortunes involving your car.