What Exactly is a Hybrid Car?

While the cost of petroleum-based gasoline and diesel prices at the gas pump is at a record time-low, almost everyone today talks good about how much potential the hybrid car is showing to replace the traditional car. The auto industry is observing the importance of green energy by reducing emissions while at the same time bringing technology that cuts the costs of running your car with excellent. The question everyone wants an answer to is, what is a hybrid car?

The conventional vehicle has a gasoline-powered gasoline or diesel engine. The hybrid car has an internal combustion engine that runs on gas or diesel as well as well as an electric motor that charges a battery. It can be fueled like the conventional car or wholly powered by electricity.

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Top features and advantages of the hybrid car

The hybrid car offers better fuel efficiency than its non-conventional counterpart. It is highly advocated for because it pollutes the environment less and it is cheaper to run. Most advanced hybrids today come with larger and more efficient batteries that can be recharged from right on the mains outlet. This means that they provide extended mileage on electricity before the combustion engine powers.

The battery also provides electrical power for the car accessories and air condition when the car is idle or when stopped at a light, further saving fuel. If needed, the gas or diesel engine may start and kick in when more power is needed.

One of the best features of the hybrid car is regenerative braking. The traditional car fully relies on friction on the brakes to slow down and stop, converting the vehicle’s kinetic energy into heat. The hybrid car captures this energy and converts it into electricity that can be stored in the batteries for later use.

hybrids from different manufacturers use different drivetrain types to deliver power to the wheels. No matter your reasons for choosing the hybrid car, it is a wise decision especially if you are upgrading from the conventional car and hoping to upgrade to electric in the future.